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Which salt do you use

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Just as the title ask,I was wondering which salt everyone is using and why do you like that kind over others?

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Instant Ocean Reef Crystals. No particular reason beyond reviews and cost. I'm also very much a novice so I'd be interested to know if there's a better salt to provide the Ca/Mg and trace elements in sufficient quantities/ratios for a reef aquarium.
Red Sea NF blue bucket. Because it matches my target numbers of 420,8.2 & 1300 and doesn't cost as much as TM Pro. Switched from Reef Crystals bc of high Alk. K=390.
IO Reef Crystals. Cheap and abundant availability. Great results.
Reef Crystals. Tried many different ones but always back to reef crystals. I never noticed enough difference to justify the extra $$$.
Wrightsville beach water. Free > high alk.... reef crystals mixes cleaner then instant ocean for $5 difference.
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Wrightsville beach in last tank. Started this tank with regular instant ocean since its 50bux in coastal and always available in town. Started getting heavily acro based went reef crystals online. Notice great PE after water changes. Alk runs 8.2 8.3. Calc 440. Coral seems happy there
IO Reef Crystals here also. Mixes fast and provides a good amount of Ca for my corals, oh and price is right...
Io rc
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