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wtb Oregon Tort frag

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Anyone have a frag of Oregon tort I can buy or trade for in the triangle area? Send me a PM.
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I don't know if its worth it but Michael at The Inland Reef located in Mint Hill NC has 2 of them. roughly 1" tall

Beautiful coral
Thanks, I will have to stop by if I make it out there.

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Id check with gnarley marley on here. He has some great coloration on his. The piece i got from him has grown quickly and was generous for the price.
Thanks! I will send a message.
No problem. It's hard to find great acros and sellers, so I'm glad I can help. All of my colonies are rocking along.
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Replied. Thanks for keeping me in mind jdp. Hope everything is still doing well
If I can possibly get up with miller before hand I'll take a small frag too if possible!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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