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We don't have time for 4 reef tanks anymore so we are selling 2 of them.

30 cube includes:
Programmable Evolution LED light with hanging kit
Remora skimmer
HOB filter
1 power head
Atleast 30lbs live rock
1 lg damsel
1 tomato clown
2 paired black and white clowns 3in each
1 snowflake blenny
4 heads of frogspawn
1 head of torch
5 to 6in monti cap orange
finger leather
a few mushrooms

$400 obo, or trade for something not fish related

Next we have the....

40 Breeder:
Custom Hood and stand
Dimmable Titronics LED
Remora Skimmer
HOB filter
1 powerhead
40 to 50 lbs of live rock
3 reef Chromis
purple fire fish
2 clowns 1 platinum and 1 extreme misbar
3 heads painted frogspawn
9 heads of Duncan
Sm anemone green tip
Sm group of neon green palys

$400 obo, will trade for something not fish related

Picked up in Pitt County Text or Call 252-717-8171 or 252-717-3766
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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