I have some frags to clear out. I am located in New Bern for pickup.

I will be traveling to Raleigh Saturday March 26th if anyone would like to meet.

These Zoas are $10 each

Blue Headgear Marine invertebrates Coral Coral reef

Not sure

Food Cake Cake decorating Blue Ingredient

Not sure #2

Blue Ingredient Recipe Art Electric blue

Not Sure #3 SOLD

Art Creative arts Circle Electric blue Pattern

Jungle Juice

Green Flower Purple Blue Plant

Blondies SOLD

Purple Food Organism Violet Electric blue

My Clementine

Automotive tire Marine invertebrates Organism Gas Electric blue

Bob Marleys

Flower Food Blue Purple Violet


Flower Dishware Plant Green Blue

Belladonas #2

Blue Purple Art Violet Electric blue

Rastas SOLD